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We have the people and the experience to deliver your freight. With FTI handling your shipping needs, you have one less thing to worry about.

For many years FTI has successfully serviced the just-in-time transportation environment. Our understanding and experience in this area has allowed us to develop highly skilled employees and sophisticated systems to pro-actively track your shipments to ensure on-time pick-up and delivery. This reliable service makes it easier for you to meet the high standards you have promised your own customers.

Our service is supported by proprietary software that uses real time satellite information to alert our team if any of your requirements will not be met. Most potential problems are resolved proactively before they even impact the customer. However, in those rare cases where your schedule will be affected, you will be notified immediately so that you can make any necessary adjustment to your operations.

FTI is staffed 24 hours per day to handle all service issues as they occur. In addition, FTI has partnerships with many proven carriers that can be utilized in emergency situations to ensure your shipment is delivered to you when requested.

As a result, we are able to provide exceptional on-time performance to all types of customers - whether you require your shipment just-in-time or not.

Our Communication Tools & Technology

In addition to exceptional on-time service, FTI is committed to keeping you up-to-date on the status of all your shipments.

FTI has outstanding communication capabilities through state-of-the-art technology, cross-functional integration of personnel and the evolution of disciplined policies and procedures.

The following are many of our communication capabilities that benefit you:

FTI is committed to continue developing new and better ways for communicating with you, our customer. This benefit gives you the confidence to efficiently plan your operations based on accurate and timely information.

Partner Carriers

When you book an order with FTI, you can consider it delivered.

We have developed an extensive in-house logistics department. FTI has partnerships with many proven carriers throughout North America. If an FTI truck cannot haul your load, we will find a reliable carrier that can.

All of FTI’s partner carriers must follow the same policies and procedures that we have put in place for our own drivers. We also use a comprehensive grading system to ensure we only deal with the most reliable trucking companies in the industry.

From your perspective the service is seamless - you still receive the same load status updates and you can still trace your shipment using our web tracking application. All communications including invoicing, payment, insurance and paperwork are still handled by FTI.

Because FTI has its own fleet of trucks, this service is more powerful and reliable than traditional third-party logistics operations. FTI is committed to delivering your freight on-time - even if that means re-routing an FTI truck to make it happen.

Whether you need FTI to handle a single shipment or manage your entire freight network, we will provide the resources necessary for the best service possible.

Why take the time to call a dozen carriers to have your shipments moved?