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Winter Truck Driving

As a trucker you know about the hazards of winter driving. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for many of us to find ourselves unprepared for the arrival of that first snow fall. Here are some winter driving tips to help you stay safe when the slippery roads of winter arrive.

Double Check

Your vehicle inspections are even more important during the winter months. Safe winter driving depends on the condition of your vehicle as much as it depends on your driving skills. Make sure you are thorough on your winter vehicle inspections and clean snow and ice from your hood, lights and roof to avoid visibility issues. Make sure your tires are safe and always drive with at least half tank of gas.

Driving Kit

Check your driving kit and make sure you have:
• Proper warm clothes
• Blankets
• Non-perishable foods
• Any and all of your prescription medications
• Tire chains
• Phone charger
• Flashlight and batteries
• Windshield scraper

Slow Down

Drive slowly and take a little more time when easing onto the road. Increase your following distance so sudden stops are safe. If you do need to stop suddenly light pumping of the brakes will help keep control of your truck as well as avoid locking the tires.

Black Ice

Black ice is a hazard especially at fast speeds. Keep an eye out for patches of ice that might appear to be wet, when in fact they are frozen. Be sure to also pay attention to weather reports so you know the temperature is below freezing. Watch your vehicle for frozen windows and mirrors so you know the temperature has dropped. Remember there is more chance of freezing on bridges and over passes.


Use an anti-gel in your tank to keep your diesel from gelling in the winter.

Pull Over

When you notice the roads have become too dangerous to drive find a safe place to pull over. Avoid inclines as this can often lead to getting stuck. Instead look for a truck stop so you can get some rest and a nice warm meal while the weather settles down. If you can’t find a truck stop be sure to pull over safely well off the road or even on an off ramp where people will be driving at a safer speed.

Following these winter driving tips will help you arrive safe and sound and prepare you for unexpected breakdowns.