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Why Truck Driving is the Perfect Career for the Family Man

Truck driving can be one of the best careers for a family man looking for good life balance. Truckers can find a job with a consistent schedule that allows them to be there for their family when needed while making a good living to put food on the table and then some. Here are the many benefits of truck driving for a family man:

Consistent Scheduling

With drivers in such high demand, you can look for a truck driving job that allows you to maintain a consistent schedule. This will allow you to work things out with your spouse so you can make sure someone is always home with the kids to help with homework and get them to soccer practice.

Convenient Routes

Many people imagine that truck driving means time away from home. However you can choose convenient routes that work well for you and that allow you to stay close to home. Many routes are the same everyday and can have you home in time for dinner every night.

Structured Home Time

When you are working as a truck driver you can choose hours that allow you to have much needed structured home time with your family. This gives you a good life/work balance. You don’t have to be away for days or weeks at a time unless you want to be.

Flexible Hours

You can also find jobs with flexible hours if you need to balance watching after the kids with your spouse. Some families are challenged to find schedules that work together. Flexible hours allow you to work an assortment of routes and shifts suited to your needs.

Reduce your Stress

Truck driving is a very fulfilling job that allows you to reduce the stress in your life. It is the kind of job you don’t take home with you. It also provides a fair salary that eases your financial burdens. Having regular hours that work well with your family life also eases stress at home.
Many truck drivers do not understand how much easier their lives can be with support from FTI. We offer you the opportunity to be your own boss, choose your own routes and manage your own schedules. Family men love working with FTI as it lessens their burdens and provides them with the support they need to do the job they love while still being with the people they love. As you can see truck driving can provide the perfect work opportunity for a family man.