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Truck Driving Career Checklist

You may have heard that truck driving can be a rewarding, adventurous, and lucrative career. If any of these awesome features of a truck driving career appeal to you, you’re probably wondering how to get started. Follow this simple checklist and you’ll know everything you need to start your new career:

Consider the Pros and Cons

While a career as an owner-operator in the trucking industry has dozens of amazing pros, some people would consider some facets to be cons. For example, someone who cannot handle long stretches away from home or who cannot maintain alertness for hours on the road may not be suited to this industry. Assess your personality and lifestyle to determine if a truck driving career is the right fit. If you are adventurous, responsible, punctual, and independent, then becoming a truck driver could be the perfect career for you.

Get Your License.

There are 15 different classes of licenses in Ontario. Truck drivers are required to possess an A class license, which is the highest level available. A class drivers can drive tractor-trailers and large trucks with a gross weight of more than 4,600 kg (10,000 lb), in addition to usual vehicles like cars, vans, and small trucks. The A class license is required to tow long and heavy freight and will teach you to use a full air brake system.

Have a Clean Record.

When you’re a truck driver, you are responsible for moving heavy freight safely over long distances. For this reason, it is imperative that you have a clean driving record. DUIs are especially troublesome. You are also trusted with hauling thousands or even millions of dollars’ worth of goods. Many carriers will not hire drivers with a criminal past because of the responsibility associated with becoming a truck driver. It’s important to keep a clean driving record.

Pass the MTO Medical Test.

Truck driving can cause much physical and mental stress. To protect the safety of you and your fellow drivers on the road, it is very important to make sure that you are in good medical condition. The MTO Medical Test will determine whether you have any conditions that may be a high-risk to road safety (examples include impaired vision, memory issues, seizure disorders, and more). If you have no such conditions, you can become a truck driver.

Get Trained and Tested.

At this point, you can undergo a training program and learn everything you need to know about safety, compliance, regulations, and transportation laws. You will take written tests to assess your knowledge and driving tests to demonstrate your competence on the road.

With all your licensing in place and proven skills, you are ready to launch your career as a truck driver. Who’s ready to get started?