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The Future of Trucking

Deciding on a career that will offer plenty of opportunity is always a challenge. Whether you are seeking your first start at your career or are looking for new opportunities and changes, it is important to consider where the highest demand lies. One of the biggest opportunities lies in the trucking industry. With an estimated 319,900 new openings coming up in the next decade looking at positions for owner operators, driving and mechanic positions is an excellent place to start.

According to a study by the Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council the trucking industry will be in a bit of trouble trying to find the drivers needed to fill positions over the next 10 years. One of the main challenges is the amount of retirements which will take place during this time period. This will reduce the amount of workers in the sector. There are also high turnover rates which will lead to further openings.  This means there will be many opportunities opening up to new truckers on the road.

The study revealed the following interesting points:

• Leading towards the year 2021 the trucking industry will require about 14,100 new truckers per year
• There will be about 153,000 trucker vacancies available by that time to meet the demands for drivers due to the aging work force
• This will mean a demand for new workers that is even higher with an added 319,900 openings expected in the next decade
• The main areas for openings will be truck and trailer mechanics and Class 1 A to Z drivers

Women in the Industry

There are currently 31,000 trucking companies in Canada with 33.5 percent located in Ontario. The workforce in the trucking industry consists of 82% drivers. The industry consists of only 4 percent women. Women represent 25 percent of the freight claims staff as well as safety and loss prevention specialists. 18 percent of dispatchers are women and 13 percent are parts technicians.


The average age for truck drivers is 45 years or more which accounts for the concerns about the next 10 years or so with more and more truckers reaching retirement age. Overall 18 percent of the work force is 55 and older.

Becoming a trucker offers you the opportunity to enter a sector with a high demand for workers.There will also be more opportunity for owner operators offering you the chance to become your own boss.