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Life on the Road

Becoming a contract truck driver provides many very attractive perks for the person who is seeking a way to be independent as well as work in a lucrative profession. Here is what a life on the road is really like for a contract truck driver:


One of the things many contract truck drivers love about being a truck driver is they can choose their own hours. Of course this varies based on the types of hauls you are carrying. Often you will have to be at the yard to sort out the details of your truck before you head out to the job, which can mean getting up quite early. However, you can look forward to a day’s work driving on the open road. You do have limitations of how many hours you can drive straight before the law requires you take a well-deserved rest for safety purposes.

Sleeping and Eating

If you are assigned a long haul that requires an overnight (or a few night’s) stay you may be sleeping at a truck stop. Experienced truckers know to plan their sleeping arrangements ahead of time, and plan out their meals.

Life Balance

As a contract truck driver you can choose to have a life that is balanced between work and home. You can look for jobs that offer you day trips only so you can be home for dinner or take overnight jobs on longer hauls. This freedom is often what attracts people to the job.

Pay and Benefits

As a contract truck driver you will receive regular pay with your jobs usually based on mileage. As an independent truck driver you could be in for some challenges despite the fact that truckers are in high demand. As a contractor you can enjoy the best of both worlds with regular pay so you are not always worried about when your next job will come up. You can choose to work as often as you like and determine how much money you make based on how many hours you are willing to drive.

Life on the road as a contract truck driver offers freedom, flexibility and steady pay with the added excitement of travel. You can be your own boss without the usual headaches or worries and enjoy a long, fulfilling career.