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FTI Rolls Out New Incentive Programs

      Beginning January 1, 2013, all drivers at FTI have the opportunity to reap rewards for their professionalism on the road and for their loyalty and longevity with the company. Every year on the drivers’ anniversary month, incentive dollars will be paid out based on the drivers’ Safety & Compliance, Accident and Claims record and years of service with FTI.

      After 12 months of service, every driver is eligible for $1,500 and an additional $150 for every year of service beyond the first year. For example, driver A has completed 2 years of service and is eligible for $1,650. Driver B has 7 years of service and is eligible for $2,400. Driver C has 15 years of service and is eligible for $3,600. Driver D has 25 years of service and is eligible for $5,100 and so on.

      Drivers who have no preventable accidents or cargo claims, no CSA violation points or Canadian CVOR violations will be paid their full incentive dollars on the first settlement after their anniversary month.

      Drivers who have accumulated CSA violation points or Canadian CVOR violations will be charged $50 per point against their incentive. Canadian CVOR violations will be allocated the same points as a like violation under CSA. Preventable accidents will be charged 25 points and a preventable cargo claim will be charged 15 points. All CSA and CVOR points will be time weighted on a 24 month rotation to reflect CSA and CVOR methodology. Point values decrease as the violations get older. For example, a 9 point violation will stay at 9 points for the first 6 months, then drop to 6 points for the next 6 months and then drop to 3 points for the final 12 months. After the 24 month cycle is complete, the points drop off completely.  Preventable accidents and cargo claims will only reflect a 12 month cycle for purposes of this program. 

      Clean inspections will continue to be paid out by add pay as soon as the inspection report is received by the Vice President of Risk Management in Dundas, or his designate. Remember to send in macro 30 on the Qualcomm whenever you have been inspected by DOT, MTO or State Police. Turn in the inspection report with your TripPak envelope, or if you have a portable TripPak scanner, scan the report. You will be contacted by the Vice President of Risk Management or his designate via Qualcomm once the report is received for an assessment of the inspection.

      Always be prepared for an inspection. Keep your log book legal and current to the last change of duty status, do a thorough pre-trip inspection every day and be sure to carry your CDL, medical card, proof of insurance, registrations and all other necessary paperwork to remain in compliance. Don’t attract attention to yourself while on the road. Don’t speed, tailgate, drive in restricted truck lanes or drive aggressively. Do wear your seatbelt and drive in a courteous, professional manner. Make sure your gross weight and axle weights are legal. Keep load securement equipment in good repair and follow proper load securement procedures. If you are moving oversized loads, read and sign your State and City Permits. Pay special attention to the Provision Sheet and follow those procedures as outlined.  Follow designated routes and all instructions on the permits. If in doubt, contact your Driver Manager immediately.