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Dunn on Icy Road Conditions

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN Chris Bundgaard) – After a night of slipping and sliding while twisting and turning on Tennessee roads, hundreds of big rig drivers hunkered down for shelter and rest at truck stops around Middle Tennessee.

“We were overstuffed this morning,” said Paul Beecher, the general manager of the Travel Centers of America just off downtown Nashville.

“That was all ice out there this morning,” added Beecher as he looked out on a giant parking lot with row after row of trucks getting serviced.

Many of the drivers had been in the ice and snow late Monday and early Tuesday that left some jackknifed on the treacherous roads or unable to move until the warmth of daylight came.

“I am 43,000 pounds, and [my truck was] sliding around on the ice, and when it gets that bad, nobody needs to be out here. I don’t care if you are professional or not,” said Reggie Dunn, who added that he had dodged pile ups all night long.

Daniel Messenger seemed to have a sense of relief to be off the road for a short break.

“Just slow down. That is the main thing. You are going slow, and somebody passes you and first thing you see is someone lose control,” he told News 2. “One of our trucks wrecked last night around 196. I passed him. He was jacknifed, and the only thing I can say is he was going too fast.”

Tuesday sunshine melted many roadways, turning overnight ice into slush, but its expected to refreeze overnight as temperatures drop to the low 20s. A Winter Weather Advisory was also issued as up to an inch of snow is expected overnight Tuesday into Wednesday.