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5 Stretches That Help Relieve Back Pain for Truckers

It is common for truck drivers to experience back/neck pain while driving for long periods of time. It is important to relieve this pain as soon as it starts as back pain will increase in severity over time due to the long durations of time spent sitting. Though many will try to endure through the pain as long as possible, it is vital to resolve back pain immediately as pain can increase to the point where you can no longer work. Back pain has the potential to keep truckers off the job for months and sometimes even years due to severe back pain injuries. Take a few minutes each day before you hit the road and any time you are out of the truck to perform these five easy stretches/movements to keep neck/back pain at bay.

Back Bends

Place your hands on your lower back and push your hips forward while you lean backwards with your head pointing towards the sky. Hold this back lean for five to ten seconds and slowly return to standing position. Repeat these movements for five repetitions. This will help to decompress the spine and get fluid that builds up in your lower spine re-circulating.

Front Bends

Place your hands on your hip bones and push your butt backwards as you lean forward towards the ground. It is important in this movement to keep your back and head straight, holding for five to ten seconds. You should feel a stretching sensation in your hamstrings which helps bring circulation back to your legs. Repeat this movement for five repetitions.

Side Bends

With one hand by your side, raise the other arm up in the air and lean to the side of your relaxed arm. With your raised hand, try and touch something close to your side to increase the range of the stretch. Hold this stretch for five to ten seconds then repeat on the other side. Stretch both sides out five times each to help stretch the muscles on your outer hip and the sides of your torso.

Knees Up

Sitting for long periods of time causes your pelvis to shift out of line which is the most common cause of lower back pain. This movement will help loosen your gluts and realign your pelvis. For this movement, find a wall or a solid object. Place your hands against the wall at about shoulder height and width apart. Bend and raise your knee over and across to the side of your body to about the height of your belly-button if you can. This movement should be a sort of twisting motion for your hips. Alternate legs and try to do as many as you can in 30-60 seconds.

Neck Stretch

Place one hand down by your side and raise the other arm straight out to your side so that it is at 90 degrees in relation to the rest of your body. Then lean your neck slowly to the side opposite of your pointed out arm. Hold for five to ten seconds. With your arm try and reach a far as can to the side to maximize the range of the stretch. Make sure this arm does not drop during the stretch. Alternate sides and perform five repetitions on each side. This will help stretch out your shoulders and neck helping to relieve the buildup of tension.

By performing these stretches three to five times per day, truckers can minimize and relieve the amount of back/neck pain experienced on the road.