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5 Fun Facts about Trucking

When you are looking for a career that offers freedom, intrigue and the chance to work solo trucking is one of the few jobs that offer all three. Becoming a part of the best owner operator companies comes with many perks and also allows you to become a part of an elite line of hard workers who contribute a much needed service to society. Truckers have always played a key role in bringing goods and services to people around the world. Even with the introduction of planes, trucking is still the most important mode of delivery transportation. There are many points of interest about trucking including these five fun facts:

1. The average small business trucker can travel as much as 115 to 125,000 miles annually. That works out to more than 240 nights away from home out of the 365 days of the year and can add up to over 3 million miles over a trucker’s career.

2. In the U.S. there is 78 percent of their freight delivered via truckers. In fact, three quarters of the communities throughout the U.S. depend on the trucking industry to deliver goods to their communities.

3. In a single year truckers across America can drive as much as 200 billion miles. This means they could have trucked to and from the sun 1,000 times. Most truck drivers will drive more than 125,000 miles per year.

4. Truckers who are associated with the best owner operator companies account for as much as 350,000 of the overall truckers in America. Only 10 percent of the truckers in America are not small trucking companies with less than 10 trucks. Owner-operators are also the safest truckers on the road with less accidents than any in the trucking industry.

5. The trucks driven on the road can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds or more. In order for a truck to stop safely it requires an entire football field’s length. Across the United States there are more than 36 million trucks on the roads providing delivery service.

Becoming a trucker is not for everyone, as it is a demanding job that will take you away from home most of the days of the year. However it also has its benefits including a good salary, freedom to be your own boss and the opportunity to have the security of working with the best owner operator companies to help you succeed.