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5 Benefits of Being an Owner Operator Truck Driver

When people start searching for new jobs and careers they tend to overlook the underestimated profession of being a truck driver. A truck driver, especially an owner operator, has many benefits in their career including travel, independence and flexibility. Here are just five of benefits of becoming an owner operator truck driver:


Many people think of truck driving as a blue collar job that does not offer much financial reward. However, truck driving can prove to be quite lucrative for a number of reasons. First and foremost it is a dying art, and with a shortage of truck drivers available many companies have upped the ante by offering incredible bonuses and incentives. You can find many excellent jobs that are high paying and also reward drivers handsomely the more experienced they become. This is a rare occurrence in today’s challenged economy. As well, benefit packages are usually quite generous saving you money on prescriptions, eye glasses, health care and dental for the whole family.

Flexible Schedule

Flexibility is a huge bonus for truck drivers as in many cases you can set your own hours and decide how often you wish to take on trips. Many truck drivers can arrange to be on call and can accept based on their personal schedules.


As a truck driver you can make local runs or choose to travel throughout the continent. You will see many exciting sites and also have the added bonus of choosing the areas you are willing to serve be they within your own province, into neighbouring provinces or across the border into the U.S.


As a truck driver you will enjoy job security, another rarity in today’s job market. With high demand for drivers you will have your choice of jobs and will be highly respected and appreciated by your employer.

Teaming Up

If you don’t like the idea of traveling alone many truckers choose to work in teams. This allows them to travel with a friend, partner or spouse, take on longer hauls and have someone to share the road trip with. This is also an excellent way to make more money with many teams making as much as $100,000 per year.
If you are looking for an independent, flexible, secure job with great benefits and pay becoming an owner operator truck driver may be the perfect career.