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Keep Truckin’ and Keep Cool This Summer

You don’t have to grin and bear it though – these tips will help truckers keep cool in the hottest summer months so that you can keep truckin’.

5 Tips for Staying Connected While on the Road

Here are five ways for Canadian truck drivers to stay connected even when far from home:

5 Stretches That Help Relieve Back Pain for Truckers

Take a few minutes each day before you hit the road and any time you are out of the truck to perform these five easy stretches/movements to keep neck/back pain

Dealing with Homesickness When You’re On the Road

It is important when you are on the road to stay in a positive headspace to manage being alone effectively. Here are some ways to deal with homesickness when on

Learning to Manage Trucker Stress

When this is your daily routine, the stress can add up and start to affect your body and life. If any of this sounds familiar, here are ways you can learn to ma

Why Truck Driving is the Perfect Career for the Family Man

Here are the many benefits of truck driving for a family man:

What Does it Take to Become an Owner-Operator?

Being an owner-operator might not be for everyone, but if you have what it takes it could be the perfect time to head out on your own.

Windsor, Ontario Job Fair This Thursday

FTI is hosting a Job Fair at the Holiday Inn Amherstburg Room 1855 Huron Church Rd from 9am to 1pm

4 Benefits of Working with FTI

If you have been thinking about coming on board with FTI but are sitting on the fence, here are four big benefits to help you decide:

Truck Driving Career Checklist

You may have heard that truck driving can be a rewarding, adventurous, and lucrative career. If any of these awesome features of a truck driving career appeal t

7 Traits that Make a Great Truck Driver

When it comes to finding an exciting and lucrative career, truck driving can be a great option.

Dunn on Icy Road Conditions

FTI's Reggie Dunn shares his thoughts on the icy road conditions

5 Fun Facts about Trucking

There are many points of interest about trucking including these five fun facts:

The Future of Trucking

With an estimated 319,900 new openings coming up in the next decade looking at positions for owner operators, driving is a good place to start.

4 Tips for Rookie Truck Drivers

If you are a new truck driver it is easy to make some rookie mistakes. Here are four tips for to help make your first runs are as easy as possible:

Becoming a Truck Driver

If you are thinking of becoming a truck driver in Ontario there are a few steps you will have to take before you can hit the road including:

Winter Truck Driving

Here are some winter driving tips to help you stay safe when the slippery roads of winter arrive.

Truck Driving is a Career, Not Just Another Job

If you are looking for a profession that offers adventure, plenty of security and a strong and promising future becoming a truck driver might be the answer.

Life on the Road

Contract truck driving provides many perks for the person who is seeking a way to be independent as well as work in a lucrative profession.

Why Now is the Time to Become a Truck Driver

If you are looking for a career that will provide you with growth and a dependable pay cheque, now is the time to become a truck driver in Canada.

Why You Should Choose FTI

If you are an owner/operator looking for a new concept that will allow you to enjoy your freedom with the benefits of a full time job, we are the route to go.

5 Benefits of Being an Owner Operator Truck Driver

Here are just five of benefits of becoming an owner operator truck driver:

Becoming an Owner Operator Truck Driver

If you are interested in becoming an owner operator truck driver consider the following:

Don’t Steal 2nd Base!

Trucking For a Cure convoy raises Breast Cancer Awareness

Truck Show & BBQ Sept 28th Dundas, Ontario

FTI's Dundas yard will be hosting a FREE BBQ to promote our Lease Truck Deals

Painting A Perfect Picture

Owner Operator Steven Jones Completes His Lease Purchase

FTI Receives Northbridge Insurance Platinum Plus Rating

FTI is proud to be awarded the coveted Platinum Plus Rating by Northbridge Insurance Company of Canada.

FTI Rolls Out New Incentive Programs

Safety & Longevity Incentive Program Details

22 Years and Rolling

Wieslaw Klatka Celebrates His 22 Year With FTI

DANG, That’s A Nice Truck!

Glen Danis Celebrates Over 20 Years with FTI

BIGFOOT Marks His Territory at FTI

May 6th 2012 William Teves Celebrates 19 Years with FTI

NTL Driver of the Year Awards

Wes Klatka and Andy Singh have been selected as FTI Drivers of the Year